Shahriar Chandon, M.Sc.

Software Architect, Development Manager and Performance Analyst

Technical Skills:

SQL, C#, Java, VB.Net, Classical VB, PHP, C, C++ , ASP, ASP.NET,  Servlet, JSP, COM, CORBA, VXML, Miranda, ActionScript


2015 Senior Systems Architect, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON. Canada
2014 Team Lead/Development Manager, Autodata Solutions, London, ON. Canada.
2013 Tech Lead, Autodata Solutions, London, ON. Canada.
2012 Senior Software Developer, OpenText, Waterloo, ON. Canada.
2009 Senior Software Developer, Union Gas (SCADA), Chatham, ON. Canada.
2008 Senior Systems Analyst, Commercial Steel Treating, Madison Heights, MI. USA.
2006 Senior Software Developer, Eldorado Logistics, Belle River, ON. Canada.
2004 Lead Systems Design Consultant, Morphsys Inc. Windsor, ON. Canada.
2002 Consultant, Various Companies, Windsor, ON. Canada.
2001 Lead Web Developer at HiTech Network, Toronto, ON. Canada.

Other Skills:

Project Management
Application Architecture Design and Analysis
Object Oriented Design

Use-Case Modeling
UML Diagrams

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